Birgit Stöger-Mitterecker

I grew up in Vienna and spent my first professional years there. In 2001 I moved to Styria. In the meantime I am married, mother of two children and we have been living in Wundschuh for 18 years.

After the birth of my first daughter, I was looking for a possibility to have some time for myself. That was how I came to Manuela and her Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis system. Through Manuela I got to know (after excursions into Nuad-Thai bodywork and Reiki) the Ortho-Bionomy treatment.

The fact that a gentle, painless, comfortable position releases tension in the musculoskeletal system immediately excited me. The Gyrotonic system and Ortho-Bionomy harmonize and complement each other beautifully. Both techniques gently support the body, and point the body in a “forgotten” direction. Always in training, I can pass on what I have already learned in the movement studio.

For me, it is a wonderful opportunity to accompany people a bit to show them how they can achieve more well-being.

Relax. Let go of the rudder.
Trundle through the world. It is so beautiful.
(Kurt Tucholsky)

ORTHO-BIONOMY -Practicioner
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Birgit Stöger-Mitterecker
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