Mission statement

Our interaction with our customers and trainees is very important to us.

According to the motto: “Exercising the body with heart and brain”, the Bewegungsatelier Graz wants to contribute as a component to a positive lifestyle. Those who exercise regularly feel better and can achieve more.
We offer a profound education as Gyrotonic® and/or Gyrokinesis® trainer and provide the necessary advanced training to maintain the trainer license on site.
The Bewegungsatelier Graz has set itself the goal of supporting its customers in their plans to do their bodies good and to train qualitatively good and certified trainers.
For our customers, regardless of age and performance level, a health-oriented training adapted to the individual training goal, with the greatest possible benefit and sustainable success is possible.
The focus is on activating the body’s own movement possibilities.
Trainees receive a solid and up-to-date basic training for the training of people of all ages with a focus on the Gyrotonic-Expansion-System.

Who are we?
We are an in innovative movement studio and training facility that moves.

What do we want?
We want our clients to be healthier, fitter and full of life again and for the trainees to gain a sound knowledge of movement and how to work with people.

What do we do?
We offer innovative exercise programs for people of all ages.
We train GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® trainers in a certified, licensed program.

What do we want to achieve?
Health promotion through targeted exercise and motivation
To train trainers with a profound knowledge of the GYROTONIC® method and its application

What distinguishes us?
Many years as a trainer (since 1996), many years as an instructor (since 2010), professionalism, professional training and further education, varied cutting-edge training
Training according to the training plan of the GYROTONIC® – method which is taught worldwide and is also used for therapeutic purposes.